Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We at Oslo Fashion want our customers to enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, therefore, our team is responsible for selecting the best products to guarantee a quality purchase.As part of the experience, we know that on some occasions we will not be able to fulfill all your expectations, so we offer you service  refunds that will allow you to continue to enjoy shopping with us.Please note that direct unilateral product exchange is not possible due to limitations in the ordering platform, and we are not entitled to send out products on our own initiative.

Please, acknowledge the following:

For every refund there is a 25% charge, or you can get your 100% refund by choosing another product of the same price of the one you don't want (this happens when the customer bought the wrong product by accident).

Do not request refunds after expiry of the given term (120 Days after the order has been delivered)

Do not request refunds in Facebook chat or Instagram messages, emails have always priority.